About us

TransRisk creates products and solutions that help transportation industry participants efficiently manage price risk in the North American freight transportation market. 

TransRisk is focused on addressing volatility in line haul freight rates, where spot prices can swing as high as 40% in a single week on some major lanes. Volatility of truck capacity can be driven by a host of market conditions such as weather, seasonality, regulations and macroeconomics. Carriers, shippers, 3PLs and digital freight brokers all face the same challenges when it comes to volatile spot rates and are exposed to market conditions without viable hedging options to manage price risk.

TransRisk is creating the first regulated trucking futures contracts and settlement using reference price data from DAT Solutions. TransRisk trucking futures contracts will provide a transformative method for participants to protect against market volatility and exposure on major U.S. trucking routes.

Hedgers can use the marketplace to invest in freight transportation futures to avoid risks and protect themselves against price shifts that move against them.

Speculators can use the marketplace to accept risk in the freight transportation futures market to try and profit from the price changes and create liquidity in the market.

Cash settlement exchange with no risks or inconvenience of physical delivery.

Reference price data used for daily, weekly and monthly settlement.

Hedge and speculate on an untapped and significant market.