Market Opportunity



Global maritime freight derivatives and futures trading is a proven model in today’s financial markets and is actively traded today on the Baltic Exchange.

The global dry-bulk maritime derivatives market is an estimated $200B, which is a multiple of almost 4x the underlying market.

We believe other modes of freight transportation – including trucking, rail, and containers – can also support a vibrant derivatives market, at an even higher multiple.

Trucking Stats

The total U.S. Freight logistics and transportation industry represents
8.3% GDP

Freight transportation is direct leading indicator of the domestic and global economy…

When demand is high for transportation capacity – the economy is good!

When the economy is slumping – transportation rates and demand decline.

No other commodity is directly correlated to the finished goods economic cycle as much as containers and freight transportation.

Market Opportunity

Trucking market in the US is estimated at over $700 Billion

Total derivative market potential for the US. For hire trucking market is estimated at almost $1.4 Trillion

Estimated global trucking derivatives market is $8 Trillion.


The market is ripe for disruption and the opportunity is significant. We are creating products and solutions that are revolutionizing how industry participants manage price risk management in the U.S. freight transportation market.